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"A Title is nothing less
than love and respect, given and received permanently."

11/03/2012    American Bullmastiff Association    New RAE2 Title!    Double Q
09/28/2012    Wampanoag Kennel Club    9th RAE2 Leg     Q & 4th Place
05/05/2012  American Bullmastiff Association  Rally Excellent B   Q - 3d Place
04/22/12  Springfield K.C./N.E. Spring Cluster  8th RAE2 Leg   Q & 4th Place
03/18/2012    Charles River Dog Training Club      7th RAE2 Leg    Q & 4th Place     
03/04/2012   Labrador Retriever Club of Gr. Boston   6th RAE2 Leg   Q & 2nd Place
02/05/2012  Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club   5th RAE2 Leg  Double Q
11/24/2011  Holyoke Kennel Club/ Thanksgiving Cluster    4th RAE2 Leg   Double Q
11/06/2011   American Bullmastiff Association   3d RAE2 Leg     Q & 3d Place
11/05/2011 American Bullmastiff Association   2nd RAE2 Leg      Q & 2nd Place
10/02/2011 Wampanoag Kennel Club   Beginner Novice Ob. New Title!    4th Place
09/30/2011 Wampanoag Kennel Club   1st RAE2 Leg     1st Place & Q
10/03/2010   Wampanoag Kennel Club    Beg. Novice Ob.- 2nd Leg        2nd Place
10/02/2010   Wampanoag Kennel Club     Novice Obedience    1st Place
10/02/2010    Wampanoag Kennel Club    Beg. Novice  Obedience    1st Place
05/09/2010  American Bullmastiff Association   RAE New Title!    2nd  &  1st  Place
05/08/2010  American Bullmastiff Association  9th RAE Leg   1st Place & Q
04/18/2010  Rhode Island Kennel Club     8th RAE Leg     Double Q
03/21/2010  Charles River Dog Training Club   7th RAE Leg    3d Place & Q
03/07/2010   Labrador Retriever Club Of Gr. Boston  6th RAE Leg   4th Place & Q
02/21/2010 Framingham District Kennel Club   Match    1st Place/Adv. & Q/Exc.
11/19/2009   Holyoke Kennel Club    5th RAE Leg    Double Q
11/08/2009   Nathan Hale Obedience Club   4th RAE Leg    Double Q
11/01/2009   American Bullmastiff Association   3d RAE Leg    Double Q
10/31/2009   American Bullmastiff Association   2nd RAE Leg    2nd Place & Q
05/02/2009   American Bullmastiff Association  1st RAE Leg   4th Place & 3d Place.
02/22/2009   Framingham District Kennel Club   Match    Q/Adv. & 4th Place/Excellent
06/13/2008   North Shore Kennel Club    Rally Excellent New Title!   1st Place
03/16/2008   Charles River Dog Training Club   Rally Exc. 2nd Leg     2nd Place
03/02/2008   Labrador Retriever Club Of Gr. Boston  Rally Exc. 1st Leg   2nd Place.
11/11/2007   Nathan Hale Obedience Club  Rally Adv. New Title!    2nd Place
11/04/2007  American Bullmastiff Association    Rally Adv. 2nd Leg     1st Place
11/03/2007   American Bullmastiff Association   Rally Adv. 1st leg     Q
08/16/2007    Wachusett Kennel Club      Rally Novice B       Q
06/16/2007   North Shore Kennel Club    Rally Novice A Bumper Leg     4th Place
06/02/2007   Ladies' Dog Club      Rally Novice New Title!        Q
05/11/2007  Holyoke Kennel Club    Rally Novice 2nd Leg        3d Place
05/05/2007   American Bullmastiff Association   Rally Novice 1st Leg         Q
08/02/2006   Tails-U-Win Training Ctr.     AKC CGC Test      New Title! (1/13)  Passed     


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